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Why isn’t my Outlook or Google calendar updating?

If you have synced your Brightpod calendar with your Outlook, Google, or other calendar, it can take up to 24 hours to update. Outlook, according to Microsoft Support, says that the calendar will sync a couple of times a day. If you want to force the calendar to update, you can try to remove the […]

What happens if I sync my Brightpod calendar to Google or Outlook calendars?

When you sync your Brightpod calendar to Google calendar, Outlook calendar, or any other calendar that supports ‘iCal’, you can choose to see all information you have permission to see, or only information relevant to you. Under Calendar Settings, you have two options: Everyone and Just Mine. Depending on your permission level, when you sync […]

How do I see only my tasks when I sync my Brightpod calendar to Outlook or Google?

Subscribe to iCal can be used to sync Brightpod’s Calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook (most versions), and other calendar service that supports “iCal”. It’s a great way to see what’s going on in your normal calendar application without having to log into Brightpod. To reduce clutter in your calendar, you can opt to see only information relevant to you. For example, here […]

Can I export or print the calendar?

There is no export option for the calendar. Instead, you can print it to receive a PDF version of the page. To print the calendar, right click on the calendar page and choose the print option. Alternatively, for your browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), go to File at the the top of your browser and click print.

How does the timezone affect my events?

When adding an event to your Brightpod calendar, you have the option of choosing a different timezone. When you select the timezone, it should be the timezone of the actual event. When others view the event details, it will tell them what time the event is in their timezone. To add an event with a […]

How many tasks does the calendar show?

The calendar does not have a maximum amount of tasks or events that can be added. If you have multiple tasks all due on the same day, the calendar will not cut these off, allowing for visibility of all of your tasks. For example, the calendar below has 7 items all due on the same […]

Can I remove completed tasks from the calendar?

To help focus on tasks that are not finished, you can remove completed tasks from your calendar view. 1. Go to your Calendar page. 2. On the right side at the bottom of the page, select Calendar settings. 3. Under Show Completed Tasks, select No.   4. Click Update. You can change this setting at any time!

Who can view the calendar?

Everyone has access to the calendar, but what someone is able to see will be different depending on their permission level. Administrators Administrators can view and edit all of the tasks for all pods created in their Brightpod account. They can use all filtering options. They can add tasks and events. Team Members Team Members […]

What filtering options do you provide on the calendar?

Calendars can fill up pretty quickly with tasks, milestones, pods, and events that have due dates. To focus on what’s important to you, use one or more filters to get the tasks you are looking for and remove any other noise. 1. Filter by client – This filter will show all tasks with due dates that […]

What are events?

Events are things like seminars, trade shows, meetings etc. Events are not linked to a pod. Think of events that you add in your smartphone calendar. Events can be multi-day or all day and be timezone specific. To add an event, 1. Click on the Add Task/ Event button on the right side. 2. Select the Event tab. […]

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