To export the time you have tracked for a client, you must have Insights and Time. Insights and Time are included in Studio, Agency, and Agency Plus plans. If you are on a free or Professional Plan, learn more about upgrading your plan.

To export time for a particular Pod

Go to that Pod, then to the Time page. Click Export.


The exported .CSV will look something like this:


To export time for a client

1. Go to the Insights tab in your account


2. On the right side, select Pods. Then, under Pods or Clients, filter by the client. 


3. Select the team members, date range, and de-select milestones and tasks (unless you want those included with the export.) Leave a checkmark beside time.



4. Click Get Pod Insights.

5. To save a .CSV spreadsheet, click Export.  To save a PDF, click Print.


An exported .CSV will look something like this: