Insights/ Reporting

How do I get a report of all project activity for a single client?

No matter how many projects you have ongoing or have completed for a client, you can generate a report of all of this activity using Insights. 1. Go to the Insights page (available to team member and administrators only.) 2. On the right side, under Get Insights On, click Pods. 3. Under Pods or Clients, scroll down the list […]

How do I create and export project reports?

Insights, Brightpod’s reporting tool, allows you to view and export all of your project information (pod name, milestones, tasks, and time by team member.) Use the filters available to narrow down your search, or export everything from the start of your project. 1. Go to Insights. 2. On the right side, select the pod you want […]

How do I export all the tasks to a spreadsheet?

To get a big picture view and export all of your pod and team member’s tasks, you use Insights. 1. Go to Insights. 2. On the right side under Get Insights On, click Pods. 3. Select the pod you want to see the tasks for under Pods or Clients. 3. Uncheck milestone and time, leaving only Tasks to show. 4. Click […]

Can I generate a report for just four of my projects?

No, It is not possible to generate a report for a select few projects. When using Insights, you can generate reports for all projects or a single project, then use filters to filter by team member, client, tasks, milestones, and/or time. Learn more about Reporting with Insights.

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