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Can I get an RSS feed of a pod?

Each pod has an activity page which is an ongoing list of all of the activity happening within the pod. You can get an RSS feed of this page to stay on top of all of the activity. 1. Go to the pod you want to subscribe to. 2. On the Activity page, scroll down to […]

How can I get updated on activity in my pods?

To stay on top of everything happening in a project, you can: Subscribe to the Daily Digest. Subscribe to task assignments, task comments, message notification and message comments. Subscribe to the RSS feed of a pod. Subscribe to the Daily Digest To receive a daily email that shows all of the activity in all of your […]

Can I sort my pods by due date?

If you have many of projects on the go and want to see which ones are coming due, you can sort your Pods page by Due Date. 1. Go to your Pods page. 2. At the top right, click Last Updated and select Due Date. Your pods will now be organized by due date, with the most recent due date first. […]

How do I edit my pod?

If you are an Administrator or the team member who created the pod, you can edit the details any time. 1. Go to the Pods page. 2. Beside the pod name, click the grey gear icon and select Settings. When you are done making changes on this page, be sure to remember to click Update Pod!

What happens to a Pod if I archive it?

When you Archive a Pod, it is removed from your day-to-day activities and becomes frozen in time. Nothing can be added to it, removed from it, and nothing from the pod will be searchable, on insights, or show up on your calendar. If you would like a pod to appear on insights and available through […]

How do I add an existing team member to a pod?

You can add team members when creating a pod or when your pod has already been created. Add a team member when creating a pod 1. When creating a new pod, at the bottom click Create pod & invite people. 2. On the Team invite screen, you will see your existing team members to be invited. […]

Can I view Pods by a group or category?

You can group or categorize your Pods by Client/Category or by Favorite. Grouping by Client/Category When using the Client feature, you can have this name be your actual client name, or you can create another category of your choosing. For example, you can create a Client called ‘SEO’, ‘Social Media Work’, ‘Newsletter Templates’, etc. Once […]

How do I change my Pod color?

1. On the Pods page, hover your mouse over the pod you would like to change. 2. Click the gear and Settings.   3. Scroll down until you see Pod Color.  Choose your new color. 4. Click Update Pod. This is color is also used on the editorial calendar.

How do I remove a team member from a Pod?

Once you remove someone from a Pod, he/she won’t have access to that Pod, but they will still be a part of your Brightpod account. This is useful when a Freelancer has finished with a project and no longer requires access to that project. Note: Only administrators are able to remove a team member from […]

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