Whether you work at a small design firm or a big digital agency, teams need help planning, managing, organizing, and tracking projects. Brightpod is the solution for keeping track of your project’s goals, tasks, time, team members, calendars, communication, and much more.

With Brightpod, you will manage your projects like a pro. You can take advantage of:

  • Teams and permissions – There are 4 levels of permissions: Administrator, Team Member, Freelancer, and Client. Keep track of each team member, what they’re up to, and assign them work and prioritize it.
  • Project and task organization – Organize all your tasks by project, task list, and milestones. Assign due dates and team members responsible for the tasks.
  • Unified communication – Do you have a lot of people to loop into a conversation? Does it relate to a task? No problem. Upload documents and communicate all in one place. Receive requests via email or form from outside of your Brightpod account using Brightpod Send. We even sync directly with common file sharing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Client integration – Involve your clients directly into your Brightpod account so they can see your progress made and make comments.
  • Time tracking – Set due dates for all of your goals and tasks, have teammates track their time, and run reports on how much time is being spent on a project. Never miss a deadline again!
  • Insights – Get reports on your projects, the work that has been completed or uncompleted by a certain date, export to excel or PDF any time, and more.
  • Editorial calendar – See the big picture for all of your task due dates and events, all in one place.
  • Universal search – Search your entire Brightpod account for pods (active and completed), conversations, tasks, messages, and more.

Brightpod gives you all the freedom you need to get the job done, making it fun and easy to stay on top of all of the details. Try it out free today!