You can create Recurring tasks by entering a keyword specified by Brightpod. For example, a keyword is every year, every month, every Friday etc.

To create a Recurring Task,

1. Go to the Pod where you want to add a recurring task.

2. In a task list, click Add Task.

3. Enter the name of your task and choose your keyword. For this example, Create an analytics report every Friday is the task that will recur every Friday.


4. The task due date indicates when you would like that task to begin. If you have a recurring schedule that requires a specific date, such as every month, the date you choose will be when that task is generated.

If you do not select a due date, Brightpod will automatically choose the next Monday (or next Wednesday, or the next month, etc).

If you want a task to recur on a specific date, you must choose a due date. For example, if you want a task to recur on the 10th of every month, you would enter the task name followed by ‘every month’ with a due date on the 10th of the month. For example ‘create analytics report every month’ and set the due date to be the 10th.

5. Click Add Task or Press shift+enter to save it.

Recurring tasks are indicated by the arrow icon.


Create a task followed by “every” and any of the keywords specified here:

every sunday

every monday

every tuesday

every wednesday

every thursday

every friday

every saturday

every day

every weekday

every week

every two weeks

every fortnight

every month

every 2 months

every quarter

every 6 months

every year

Take a look at the following examples:

Check Google Analytics every week

Send client reports every Monday

Publish an editorial calendar every month

Watch how to create a recurring task

Watch how to create a recurring task