Collaborating is a key part of accomplishing the many tasks that are often needed during any project. An Admin or Team Member can add team members, freelancers, and/or clients to collaborate on a pod.

An Admin is just that, an administrator. He/she has permission to access all pods. An Admin can add/edit/remove anything within their Brightpod account. They are the only ones that can create pods.

A Team Member is someone you are working with who needs access to your pod, but not to your whole account. ¬†They have control over all parts of a pod, except removing the Admin and pods they haven’t created. A team member can add/edit remove anything within a od, except for removing the Admin. This means a team member can:

  • Create pods
  • Edit pods they have created
  • Create workflows
  • See all tasks and task lists
  • Assign themselves and others tasks
  • Add/edit/remove tasks, milestones, and time
  • See all calendar items for a pod
  • Add/remove team members, freelancers, and clients

A Freelancer is someone you have hired to help on a pod, and has specific tasks assigned to them. They can only access and comment on tasks that he/she is assigned to. They do not have access to add/remove milestones, tasks, etc, in your pod.

A Client is someone who is outside your company. They can only see what you mark as visible to clients. A Client can create their own task lists, see tasks within visible task lists, view messages that have been shared with them, see calendar items assigned to them, and see tracked time within tasks that are visible to clients. For more in depth information on the permissions of Clients, see the article What permissions to Clients have?

To get started inviting your team to collaborate, check out our Onboarding your Team Getting Started guide.