Task Lists

How do I duplicate a task list?

To save time when you are creating your projects, you can use Copy Task List to duplicate an entire task list to the same pod or a different pod. Note: For each task, only the task name and the description will be copied. Task assignments, dates, comments, files, and focus will not be copied to the new list. […]

Can I request approval on tasks in Brightpod?

To approve tasks before they are closed, you can create an Approvals Task List. In this Task List, your team members can put all of their tasks so you can approve them, then close them. Let’s walk through an example. Let’s say you have an email campaign where a new graphic is needed. Before this […]

Can I move task lists between pods?

You can move entire task lists from one pod to another. Moving a task list also moves all tasks, comments, time entries and files attached to comments to the pod it is being moved to. Note: If there is a team member assigned to a task that is not a member of the new pod, they will be […]

Task Lists

A Task List can be a collection of ideas, tasks to remember, and different stages of a project arranged vertically in your Pod. You are able to create, edit, remove, copy and move task lists. To add a task list, 1. Go to the pod that you want to add a list to.   2. […]

How do I remove a Task List?

To remove a task list, 1. Hover your mouse over the task list name and click Remove. 2. Click OK if you are sure you want to remove the task list. Or, click cancel to go back to the tasks page. If you make a mistake and want to recover your task list, you can recover your task list […]

How do I edit a Task List?

You can edit your task list’s name, description, which milestone (if any) it is a part of, and if it is a list that is visible to clients invited to the pod. 1. Hover your mouse over the task list name. Click Edit.   2. Make your changes and click Update.

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