Here at Brightpod, we never, ever, want you to feel that we have taken your money and you haven’t received any value in return.

If you’re ever unhappy with Brightpod, contact our support team and we can work out your questions and problems together and issue a refund if it comes down to that.

Here are some examples of when we will give a full refund (we will review your usage):

  • If you were just charged for another month but you meant to cancel.
  • If you forgot to cancel Brightpod a couple months ago, and you haven’t used Brightpod since then, we’ll refund for the months you haven’t used.
  • If you signed up for a plan but never used Brightpod.

Here is an example of a partial refund:

  • If you forgot to cancel Brightpod more than couple months ago, and there’s been activity on your account since then, we will review your usage and figure out a partial refund.

Refunds are almost always on a case-by-case basis, so send us a note and help us understand your situation. Brightpod is always improving and we want to work together with you to solve any problems, or grant a refund based on your particular case.