To add a new team member, you can do this two ways:

  1. Add the team member and select which pods you want them to be a part of.
  2. Create a pod and add new team members to that pod.

Add a team member to existing pods

1. Log in to your Brightpod account and select the Team tab.



2. Click Add People at the top of the page.

3. Enter the Email Address (make sure it’s correct!), select the radio button beside Team Member, choose a Group (optional), and then select the Pod(s) that this Team Member will have access to.


4. Click Send Invite.

Once you send the invite, your Team Member will receive an email with the Subject: [Your Company Name] You are invited to Brightpod by [your name]. Just replace ‘your company name’ and ‘your name’ with your actual account information

The email they receive will look like this:


Once your Team Member clicks Accept Invitation, they will be directed to a page to enter their information and a password.


Finally, they will be asked to log in with the email address they were invited with and the password they just created.

That’s it! Your Team Member will be able to see the Pods that you have invited them to.

Watch how to add a new team member to your Brightpod account

Create a pod and add new team members

1. When creating a new pod, at the bottom click Create pod & invite people.


2. On the Team invite screen, you can invite new team members or add existing team members to your pod.


3. Click Add People to this Pod.

*Tip: When you add a new team member, they will receive the email invitation to join your Brightpod account. Before they accept, you can begin to assign them to tasks and milestones.