Groups are associated to people that you are collaborating with. You can add a new group when adding a person, change the group a person is associated with, and edit the group name. You cannot delete a group.

To add a new group

Adding a new group is part of adding a new person to collaborate on your Pod.

1. Log in and click Team.

2. Click Add People.

3. Click the drop-down under Is Part of Group and select Add New Group.



To change which group a person belongs to

1. Log in and click Team.

2. Select the name of the person you want to change.


3. On the right hand side, select Change group.


To edit a group name

1. Log in and click Team.

2. Your team will be separated by group name. Select the group name that you want to change.


3. Type in the new name of the group and click Save.

As of now groups don’t play a significant role in Brightpod, but there are plans to improve user grouping within a Pod in the future.