If you are not receiving email notifications, there are 3 things you can check before contacting us.

1. Check your email address

At the top right, go to Settings & Account and click My Profile. Note: You might only see My Profile depending on your permission level.


On this page, ensure that the email address for your account is correct. If it is incorrect, please contact Brightpod Support and request to change it.

2. Check your subscription settings

From My Profile, on the right hand side click Email Notifications.


If anything does not have a checkmark, click the box to add a checkmark. This will subscribe you to notifications. Click Update.

3. Check your spam folder

In your preferred email program, check your spam folder. If you are getting Brightpod emails in your spam folder, open an email and mark the email as not spam.

If your email address and subscription settings are correct, and you aren’t receiving messages into spam, contact Brightpod Support.