How do I turn off the notification sound?

Whenever there is activity in your account, you will receive in-app notifications. With each notification, there is a short sound to alert you to this notification. To turn off the notification sound, 1. Click on the notification icon at the top of your Brightpod account. 2. At the bottom of your notification list, there is a […]

How do I subscribe to the Daily Digest?

To receive a daily email that shows all of the activity in all of your projects, you can subscribe to the Daily Digest email. 1. Go to Settings & Account in the top right and click My Profile. Depending on your permission level, here you might only see My Profile. 2. On the right hand side, click Email Notifications. 3. Here, […]

Why am I not receiving any email notifications?

If you are not receiving email notifications, there are 3 things you can check before contacting us. 1. Check your email address At the top right, go to Settings & Account and click My Profile. Note: You might only see My Profile depending on your permission level. On this page, ensure that the email address for your account […]

Can I have multiple businesses under one Brightpod login?

Brightpod has a business switcher so you can keep all of your businesses under one login. To add a second business, 1. Log out of your existing Brightpod account. 2. On the log in screen, click Sign up today. 3. Enter your name, the new company name, and your existing email address and login password. 4. […]

Is there a daily digest of all activity that I can subscribe to?

You are automatically subscribed to receive a Daily Digest. In the Daily Digest, you’ll see all activity from all of your Pods for the previous day. This includes new/edited pods, tasks, file uploads, messages, etc. There are direct links to each piece of activity and the person who was responsible for the activity. Each day, […]

How do I configure my Brightpod Settings?

Your Brightpod Settings available to Administrators include: Changing your company name and logo. Editing or removing client categories. Managing Task Types Enabling or disabling time tracking. 1. Go to Settings & Account in the top right corner and click Settings. On the right hand side, you will see all of the sections available. Company name and logo Update or […]

Can I turn off email notifications and the Brightpod digest?

Email notifications from Brightpod are the best way to keep up to date with everything that is going on with your team and your projects. There are two types of notifications you can receive: Project Communication – keep up to date on your projects by knowing what is happening when it happens. This includes updates on […]

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