How do I change my Brightpod color theme?

You can personalize your Brightpod by choosing one of ten possible color themes.  Themes: Change the top navigation bar, page background, and task page background color. Are applied only to your account and do not affect other team members. Are applied to each business separately. If you have multiple businesses, you can choose different themes […]

Can I update my details and change my profile picture?

To add or change your personal details to your Brightpod account, you can edit your name, add a profile picture, and select your timezone. There are other customizations available on the right side menu: Change Password – Update your password. Email Notifications – Stay updated and adjust which email notifications you receive. Themes – Change the colour scheme […]

How do I edit my company logo and name?

If you are an administrator, you can edit your company name and logo at any time. 1. Go to Settings & Account in the top right corner and click Settings. 2. Enter your company name and click Select file to upload a company logo. 3. Click Update. Your company name is displayed at the top left of your Brightpod […]

How can I edit the picture of my team members?

You can’t change a team member’s profile picture on their behalf. Let your team member know they can update their profile picture by following these steps: 1. In the top right corner, clicked Settings & Account then choose My Profile. Note: They might only see My Profile depending on their permission level. 2. Click Choose File and upload a […]

Can I use Brightpod with my domain name?

Not at the moment but this is something that is in our plans. Please drop us a note at to better understand how you would like to use this feature.  

Can I have a different color for each of my projects?

Brightpod has just over 40 different colors to choose from! You can choose a color while creating your pod and edit it anytime in pod settings. If you are creating a new pod, fill out the pod information and you will get to the pod color section. Select your color. If you want to change the […]

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