How do I view activity of a particular team member?

Administrators and Team Members can view the workload of other team members by generating a report with Insights or by visiting their Me Page or Profile page. People report on Insights 1. Go to Insights. 2. On the right side under get insights on, click People. 3. Under Team Members, select the person you are looking into. Tip: You can also filter by pod […]

How do I make a team member an administrator and vice versa?

1. Click Team. 2. Select the name of the person who you want to update. 3. On the right side, click ‘Make (name) an Administrator’. You will be asked to confirm that you want to change this team member’s permission level. Click Yes, I am sure or No, I changed my mind to cancel.  

How do I invite a new team member to my Brightpod account?

To add a new team member, you can do this two ways: Add the team member and select which pods you want them to be a part of. Create a pod and add new team members to that pod. Add a team member to existing pods 1. Log in to your Brightpod account and select […]

How do I remove a team member from a Pod?

Once you remove someone from a Pod, he/she won’t have access to that Pod, but they will still be a part of your Brightpod account. This is useful when a Freelancer has finished with a project and no longer requires access to that project. Note: Only administrators are able to remove a team member from […]

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