How can I edit a task list name?

To edit a Task List name: 1. Go to the Task section. 2. Hover over the Task List that you want to edit and click Edit. Edit the name and click Update.

Task Lists

A Task List can be a collection of ideas, tasks to remember, and different stages of a project arranged vertically in your Pod. You are able to create, edit, remove, copy and move task lists. To add a...

How do I remove a Task List?

To remove a task list, 1. Hover your mouse over the task list name and click Remove. 2. Click OK if you are sure you want to remove the task list. Or, click cancel to go back to the tasks page. If ...

How do I share task lists and tasks with clients?

Team members may share task lists with clients using the option Visible to Clients. Clients are allowed to create new task lists and tasks that will be visible to everyone in the team. To share task l...

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