Brightpod enables you to add multiple Tasks by email using Brightpod Send. Use the keyword Task list: in the email subject to create a new Task List and add more than one Task to it.

To add multiple Tasks via email

  1. Login to your email client and open your Compose Email page. 
  2. Enter Brightpod Send email address in the email id field.
  3. Your email subject will be the Task List name. Start the subject with the keyword Tasklist:
  4. In the email body, enter the Tasks in an ordered / unordered list and submit the email.

Brightpod send - sending tasklist and tasks

Once you send the above email, a new Task list called “Website Launch” with the 3 tasks will be added to this project.

After processing this email, this is how the task looks like:


 Here are some points to remember when adding Multiple Tasks

  1. The subject should start with Tasklist: to add multiple tasks in a pod.
  1. Multiple tasks will only work if each task is an ordered or unordered list item.
  1. All these tasks will get assigned to single user that you can mention in the subject line e.g. @sahil. If no user is mentioned (like the example above), then these tasks will be assigned to the Pod Lead. 
  1. Files attached to this email will not get added to the system.
  1. You can mark any of the above tasks as important by adding the tag “important“, “urgent” or “ASAP” within the tasks.