Brightpod Send allows you to add a Task by email. For that, make sure you copied the correct email address. See What is Brightpod Send?

To add a Task via email

  1. Login to your email client and open your Compose Email page. 
  2. Enter “Brightpod Send” email address in the email id field.
  3. Your email subject will be the Task Name. Enter the “subject” that suits well for your Task.
  4. Enter a “description” for your Task in the body of your email and submit the email.

Brightpod send - Add task

On the submission of your email, a new Task will be created in your project.

Here are some points to remember when  adding Tasks by email

  1. Adding important, urgent or ASAP in the email subject will mark the Task as Important in Brightpod.
  1. Adding @username at the end of the subject will assign the task to that user (if this user is in your team). If you misspell this username, then the task will be assigned to the Pod Leader.
  1. Adding #tasklistname at the end of the subject will add this task under this Task List. If this task list does not exist, then the system will create a new task list with this name.
  1. If you don’t mention a task list in the subject, then the task will be added to the task list which is linked to this pod email address. If this task list gets deleted, then the task will be added to a task list called “Inbox” (generated by the system).
  1. The due date for the task can not be set at this moment.
  1. You can also add a recurring task via email. Just append: “every” and one of the Recurring Task keywords at the end of the subject. For example, Prepare client onboarding template every Monday.
  2. Please note that, Brightpod Send will not work if you add the email address in the BCC field.