You can send file attachments using Brightpod Send and they are added to your Pod’s Files Section.

To attach a file via email,

  1. Login to your email client/email service and open the Compose Email page. 
  2. Enter Brightpod Send email address in the “email id” field.
  3. Specify a “subject” for your email, make sure it starts with File:
  4. Enter a “description” in the body of the email and submit it.

Add file via Brightpod send feature

After processing the email, this is how the attached file looks like:

Email-integration- Files


Here are some points to remember when sending a file attachment

  1. Files uploaded to Brightpod cannot be more than 100 MB each.
  2. You can attach up to 5 files to this email.
  3. Only a user who is part of your Brightpod account can add a File.
  4. Once you send the email, the file(s) will be uploaded to the Files section of this Pod.
  5. Subject and body of the email will be the file description.
  6. No email notification is sent out when file(s) are added to the pod via email.