Messages can be submitted to a Pod using Brightpod Send.

To submit messages:

  1. Add the attribute Message: at the beginning of your email subject
  2. Enter the Message in your email body and send the mail.

The email will look something like this:

Brightpod send - sending messages

After processing this email, this is how it will look in Brightpod:


Here are some points to remember when adding messages by email

  1. Subject must start with Message:
  1. Only a user who is part of your Brightpod account can add a Message.
  1. You can attach up to 5 files to this email. Each file max size can be 100 MB.
  1. If you explicitly mention a user, for example, @sahil in the subject line then he/she will get an email about the message being added to the system.
  1. @all in subject line will notify all the pod members about the new message added to the project via email.