Any workflow you use (an existing workflow or one from a pod you previously created), you can save them as a Custom Workflow.

Let’s say you want to modify our Email Marketing Template Workflow for your business.

1. Click the orange pod and select New Pod.


2. Click Create a Pod from a Workflow.
3. Under Email Marketing Template, click Apply Workflow.


4. Fill out the information for your new Pod.
5. Modify the milestones, tasks (any task types associated to the tasks), task lists, and people invited within this pod to suit your workflow.


6. Once you are finished making all of the modifications for your workflow, select the orange pod and click Workflows.


7. On the right hand side, click the button Create Workflow from Existing Pod.

8. Select the Pod name that has the workflow you want to save and enter a name for the workflow.

The next time you add a new pod, or view Workflows, you can select this modified workflow from the bottom of the page under Your Custom Workflows.


Watch how to create a workflow from an existing pod