To save time and effort when setting up a project, we recommend reusing your pods!

Inside every pod you have milestones, task lists, tasks with task types, and team members. All of these parts are called your Workflow.

If you used one of Brightpod’s workflows and edited it, or created your own pod and workflow, you can duplicate the milestones, task lists, tasks, task types, and invited team members at any time.

Let’s say you have a pod for an Email Marketing Campaign you created for a previous month and want to start a new email campaign for the next month.

1. Click the orange pod and select New Pod.


2. Click Create a Pod from a Workflow.

3. On the right hand side, click the button Create Workflow from Existing Pod.

4. Select the Pod name that has all of the tasks and team members you want. You are now saving it as a workflow for the future.

5. At the bottom of the page under Your Custom Workflows, you will see your new saved workflow.


6. Click Apply Workflow.

7. Enter the information for your new email marketing campaign pod.

8. Click Create pod & invite people.


9. On the Team invite screen, you will see team members who were a part of the previous workflow already selected. You can also add new team members to the pod.


3. Click Add People to this Pod.

Your pod will be created with the same milestones, task lists, tasks, task types associated to the tasks, and team members already a part of your pod. Tip: Your team members will be notified via email that they are a part of a new pod.