To get started quickly, there are many great built-in workflows included in your Brightpod account. Workflows allow you to copy previous pod tasks (including task types associated to a task,) task lists, milestones, and team members to a new pod. Here is a list of all of the workflows:

  • SEO Checklist
  • Email Marketing Template
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter Routine
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads
  • Setting up a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Speeding up your Site
  • Setting up a WordPress Site
  • Site Launch Checklist

To get to Workflows, select the orange pod and click Workflows.


To see what is included in a workflow (the workflow description, milestones, task types, and tasks with any task types) click the workflow name.  This will open the workflow details for you to review.