Can I reuse a pod with the same team members and tasks?

To save time and effort when setting up a project, we recommend reusing your pods! Inside every pod you have milestones, task lists, tasks with task types, and team members. All of these parts are called your Workflow. If you used one of Brightpod’s workflows and edited it, or created your own pod and workflow, […]

How do I edit a workflow?

There is no direct way to edit an existing workflow.  Since a workflow is pulled from a pod, you will need to: Create a pod with the workflow you want to change Make the changes to the workflow Create a new workflow from the pod you just created Delete the old workflow If you want to […]

What type of workflows can I choose?

To get started quickly, there are many great built-in workflows included in your Brightpod account. Workflows allow you to copy previous pod tasks (including task types associated to a task,) task lists, milestones, and team members to a new pod. Here is a list of all of the workflows: SEO Checklist Email Marketing Template Social Media Marketing […]

What are Workflows?

Workflows are pre-built set of milestones, task lists, tasks (including task types associated to the task), and invited team members that you can easily apply to a new Pod. The idea of a “Workflow” is to help you get started quickly. There are Workflows already included in your Brightpod account, but you can also create your […]

Can I use a workflow, edit it, and save it as my own workflow?

Any workflow you use (an existing workflow or one from a pod you previously created), you can save them as a Custom Workflow. Let’s say you want to modify our Email Marketing Template Workflow for your business. 1. Click the orange pod and select New Pod. 2. Click Create a Pod from a Workflow. 3. […]

How do I setup a workflow when adding a new pod?

Workflows are pre-built set of milestones, task lists, tasks (including task types associated to a task), and invited team members that you can apply to a new Pod. You will be given an option to select from a set of pre-built workflows or create your own when creating a Pod. 1. Select the orange pod […]

How did you come up with these Workflows?

We designed our Brightpod workflows through a combination of collaborating with digital agencies, small marketing firms, and research that led us to how workflows should be designed.  We hope you like them! 🙂 If you have a suggestion for a new workflow, or improvements on existing workflows, we’d love to hear from you!

How can we delete workflows?

Any Custom Workflows that you have created can be removed at anytime. Brightpod pre-built Workflows that come automatically with your account cannot be removed. To delete a Custom Workflow: 1. Click the orange Pod and select Workflows. 2. Scroll down until you see Your Custom Workflows. 3. Hover your mouse over the Workflow. You will see Remove appear in […]

Can I view a workflow before using it?

When adding a new pod or viewing the workflows page, you can preview any workflow by clicking on the title of the workflow.   When previewing, you will see milestones, task lists, tasks, and task types that are associated to the tasks.   To create a pod with the workflow you have previewed, click the […]

Can I add my own Workflow?

Do you have a list of tasks that are the same for a certain set of clients? For example, the steps to get an SEO or a Facebook Marketing project done might be the same for certain clients. Turning an existing pod into a workflow is the smart way to save these steps and reuse […]

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