Me Page + Work Priority List

What will the Me page show me?

Everyone has their own Me page. Click on the “Me” tab to check it out. The Me page will display: All Tasks by a person across all his/her pods. Work Priority List: Prioritize a team member’s tasks across pods. All tasks delegated by this person. All conversations this person has participated in. All files this […]

How does the Work Priority List work?

On the Me Page, you are able to see a list of tasks that are assigned to a teammate called the Work Priority List. These tasks can come from multiple projects that are all happening at the same time. If you are the Administrator of the account, you can see teammates Me Pages and prioritize their […]

Can I see someone else’s Me page?

Only Administrators can view everyone else’s Me page. You can explore everything this person has done in Brightpod, including Tasks, Messages, Files, recorded Time, and more. You can also prioritize tasks and notify the person of your prioritization. Go to the Team tab and click on any of the team member’s name. This will take […]

Is there a way to just see one person’s task list?

To see all of the Tasks assigned to a particular person, you can generate a People report in Insights. Or, if you are an administrator, you can see all of a person’s activity on their Me Page. People report on Insights 1. Go to Insights. 2. On the right side under get insights on, click People. 3. Under Team Members, select […]

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