My co-worker accidentally removed a task. Can we retrieve it back?

Yes. You can retrieve a Task within 30 days (after which it is permanently removed from the system). Once inside a Pod, click on the gear then Removed Items. This removed items page will list everything that has been deleted from your Pods within the last 30 days. You can choose to recover anything from here. […]

Is there a daily digest of all activity that I can subscribe to?

You are automatically subscribed to receive a Daily Digest. In the Daily Digest, you’ll see all activity from all of your Pods for the previous day. This includes new/edited pods, tasks, file uploads, messages, etc. There are direct links to each piece of activity and the person who was responsible for the activity. Each day, […]

How do I focus on tasks to prioritize them?

Focus, as its name implies, is designed to help you focus on just some of your tasks. Think of Focus like your own personal planner for the near future. No one else can see your Focus page and Tasks marked as Focus are displayed with a star. These Tasks are also displayed in the Focus […]

How do I recover deleted Tasks?

Brightpod archives all your deleted items for 30 days and allows you to recover something that had been accidentally removed within this period. 1. From the Pods page, hover over the pod that has the deleted task. 2. Click the gear and Removed items. 3. Find the task in your list and click Recover.  

How do I create a recurring task?

You can create Recurring tasks by entering a keyword specified by Brightpod. For example, a keyword is every year, every month, every Friday etc. To create a Recurring Task, 1. Go to the Pod where you want to add a recurring task. 2. In a task list, click Add Task. 3. Enter the name of your […]

How do I change the task name?

Task names can be edited in two ways. Edit the Task name using Task options 1. Find the Task you want to edit and click on down arrow for “Task options”. 2. Click Update to save the new Task name. Edit the Task name on Modal window 1. Find the Task you want to edit and click […]

How do I cancel a recurring task?

On the Tasks page, click the task name to open up the details. At the bottom right, click Stop Recurring. Note that changing the due date of a task will not stop the task from recurring. Changing a due date will only change when the next task is due, but all future tasks will recur on your […]

How do I change an assignee of a task once I have added one?

You can change the Assignee of a Task at any time by opening the task details and changing the assignee. 1. Find the Task you want to edit and click on the Task name to open the Task details. 2. On the right under Update, look for the option Assigned to and click it. 3. Select a Team Member […]

How do I assign a task to someone?

When you create a task, you can assign it to anyone who has been invited to your pod. Click Add Task and enter the task name, then choose from the assign drop down to assign the task. If you have already created the task, you can assign a task from quick assign or task details. On the right […]

How does the keyword “every month” works?

Having the keyword “every month”, sets the task to be due every month on the date that you choose. For example, if you enter a task name ‘Blog post every month’ and set the due date to be the 21st, it will recur on the 21st of every month. Learn more about Creating Recurring Tasks […]

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