What can I do with Messages within a Pod?

Messages work very similar to task comments, but they are not connected to a task. You can involve multiple teammates, have them comment back or like your message, and have it all kept within your pod...

How do I know if someone has posted a Message?

When creating a message, you can choose to notify any of the team members that are a part of the pod. If someone has selected you to be notified, you will receive an email and an in-app notification...

Can everyone see all Messages within a Pod?

Administrators, team members, and freelancers who have access to a pod can see all messages posted. Clients are only able to see messages that have been marked as visible to client.  

Can anyone remove a message?

Messages can be removed or archived by Administrators or the person who created the message. Archive a message Archiving a message will not permanently delete the message, but store it in your pod...

How do I share messages with clients?

Messages are a great way to keep clients in the loop on your conversations, as well as have all messages in one location. If you create a message and want a client to see it, it must be marked as Visi...

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