In Brightpod, task lists contain a list of individual tasks. Think of a task list like a to-do list. Brightpod doesn’t specifically have subtasks, but there are two ways you can structure your tasks to communicate the list of items to be completed.

Make your task a task list and list subtasks

If you are finding that your individual tasks need a lot of items to be completed, it may be better to create a task list then write each item to complete as a task.

Let’s say you need to write a new blog post. This blog post requires choosing a topic, research, a new graphic, and confirmation of the content before publishing. Instead of having a single task as ‘write blog post’, create a task list ‘write blog post’ and then create the individual tasks.


Once you have completed the items in the task list, you can hover over the task list name and click Remove. This does not delete the task list, but archives it for 30 days. 

Write subtasks as part of the task description

If you prefer having fewer task lists, a second option is writing the subtasks in the description of the task.

Click the task name to open task details then click Describe this task to enter in a description. Using bullet points, you can clearly show the items that need to be completed in order for this task to be complete.