How do I add a time estimate to a task?

Every task created in Brightpod can have a time estimate associated with it. The time estimate is included to let the task assignee know how much time he/she should spend on the task. Note: This feature is part of time tracking so will only show up if time tracking is enabled. Adding a time estimate […]

How do I covert a task to a pod (project)?

Admins in a pod can now convert a task to a new pod (project) from within the task. Open up a task and click on the “Convert to Pod” option on the bottom right. The new pod will show up on your Pods page. The task name will be the pod name and the task […]

How can I find a task I entered somewhere in Brightpod using search?

The easiest way to find a task (or pod, milestone, task list, message, comment, or file) is to use the search tool. For example, if you know the task name had the word ‘blog’ in it, you can search blog. 1. Enter the task name (or even a single word from the name) in the search […]

How do I remove a team member from a task?

If you have a team member assigned to a task or assisting on a task, you can remove them from the task at any time. 1. From the Tasks page, click the name of the task that the team member is assigned/assisted to. 2. If you are changing who is assigned the task, on the right hand […]

How do I edit a recurring task date?

Recurring tasks are the tasks that happen on a regular basis. When you mark a task complete, the next task is automatically generated based on the repeating pattern you set up. If you have created a recurring task and want to edit it, follow these steps: 1. Click the name of the recurring task you want […]

How do I see tasks in a completed pod?

When you complete a pod, you can view completed tasks, files, messages, and anything else that contributed to this pod at any time without re-opening it. Note: You must be the administrator of an account to see tasks in a completed pod. To view this pod’s information without re-opening it, Go to the Pods page and […]

How do I flag a task as pending approval?

Using current status, you can flag a task as being in a particular status. You are also be able to filter by this status on Insights. The statuses available are: Assigned In Progress Pending Review Scheduled Published Approved On Hold Now Live Cancelled Declined To set the status of a task, 1. Click the task […]

Why can’t I click on a task on the calendar?

If you tried to click a task on the calendar and it didn’t open, it is probably a recurring task. Recurring tasks cannot be opened if the previous task has not been completed. A recurring task on the calendar will have an [R] beside the task name. If it is coming due, it will be […]

Can I copy a task?

You can copy an existing task and move it to any pod and task list that you want. When you copy a task, it will copy the: Task name Task description Due date Task type 1. Go to your Tasks page and find the task you want to copy.  Tip: Know in advance the pod name […]

Can I create subtasks?

In Brightpod, task lists contain a list of individual tasks. Think of a task list like a to-do list. Brightpod doesn’t specifically have subtasks, but there are two ways you can structure your tasks to communicate the list of items to be completed. Make your task a task list and list subtasks If you are […]

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