Each pod has an activity page which is an ongoing list of all of the activity happening within the pod. You can get an RSS feed of this page to stay on top of all of the activity.

1. Go to the pod you want to subscribe to.

2. On the Activity page, scroll down to the bottom and click Stay up to date with a RSS Feed.


3. At the bottom, you will see a blue link that says Your RSS Feed.  Right click this text and copy the link. This is the link you will need to put in your RSS reader.

Alternatively, you can click the text to open a new tab. Copy the URL to put in your RSS reader.


Whenever a new task, message or comment is added, a milestone completed, or a file uploaded, your RSS feed will be updated.

Repeat these 3 steps in all of your pods to get the activity across your entire Brightpod account.