Brightpod has a universal search option that allows you to find items you have entered into your Brightpod account. Making use of search can save you time going through pods looking for a particular task or task list, for example.


What is included when I search?

When you enter text to search, results will include:

  • Pod (name, description)
  • Milestone (name, description)
  • Task List (name, description)
  • Task (name, description)
  • Message (name, description)
  • Comment (comment text)
  • File (name, description, and extension)

Note: Results will include the above items in both active and completed pods and current and previous clients.

You can start with a general search word, and then narrow it down using the search filters.


What is not included when I search?

  • Deleted/removed items. If you delete a task list, all of the comments and attachments from tasks inside that list become unavailable. Tip: If you know which pod has the item you are looking for (the task, milestone, task list, etc.) You can recover them from removed items. Once they are recovered, they will show up on your search page.
  • Comments or attachments inside a deleted task.
  • Archived pods and all the data within them. Tip: If you are an administrator, you can restore an archived pod and anything within the pod will be available for search.
  • Emojis will not appear in search results.

How team permission levels affect your search

  • Administrators will be able to search for everything inside their account.
  • Team members, freelancers and clients will only be able to search inside data they have access to in that account.
  • Freelancers and clients are not able to see clients in the Show me pods/clients dropdown filter option.

Note: Since different permissions are able to access different data, it is not recommended to copy and paste a search URL. It may show different or no information.

If you are having difficulty finding something that should be searchable, learn more about our advanced search options.