Note: Events is no longer a feature for accounts signed up after September 15th, 2018

Subscribe to iCal can be used to sync Brightpod’s Calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook (most versions), and other calendar service that supports “iCal”.

Choose which information to sync

You can choose to see:

  • All information available to you
  • Only information relevant to you
  • Only events

In Calendar Settings whether you want to sync all of the information on the calendar, or just your pods and tasks.

Everyone will show all information available to you based on your permission level (administrator, team member, freelancer, or client.)

Just Mine will show only what is relevant to you, such as pods you are invited to and tasks that are assigned to you. This also depends on your permission level. Learn more about how your permission level affects what you can see on a synced calendar


Tip: You can opt for everyone first, then change it to just mine later, but it can take several hours for Google or Outlook to sync your calendar to your setting.

Your calendar’s iCal links are located on the right hand sidebar under the calendar tab.

Choose if you want to subscribe to both tasks and events, or just events. Subscribe to iCal will subscribe you to both tasks and events. Subscribe to iCal (Events Only) will only display events. Events are separate from pods and are only able to be created on the calendar.



Sync with your Outlook Calendar

1. In Brightpod, go to Calendar, look for the link Subscribe to iCal.

2. Click Subscribe to iCal.

3. You might be prompted to acknowledge that you are opening a hyperlink. Click Yes.

4. At the prompt, add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates, click Yes.

If you use the web version Outlook Calendar, you can manually add the calendar.

1. Right click Subscribe to iCal and copy the link.

2. Go to Add calendar and select From internet.


3.  Paste the link and add your calendar name, Brightpod.  Click Save.


The calendar will sync with your normal  calendar and will be added to the navigation pane in the calendar view.


Learn more about subscribing to iCal calendars with Microsoft Office Support.

Sync with your Google Calendar

1. In a new browser tab, log in to your Google Account and go to your Google Calendar.

2. In Brightpod, go to Calendar, look for the link Subscribe to iCal on the right and copy to your clipboard.

3. Visit the tab or window in which you have opened Google Calendar.

4. Select the drop down menu next to Other calendars on the left side.

5. Click Add by URL.



6. Paste the webcal link you copied from Brightpod in the URL field.

Google Calendar n iCalendar URL

7. Click Add Calendar.

The calendar will sync and show up alongside your normal calendar view.


Watch how to sync Brightpod to your Google Calendar