There are many ways you can check the activity of your pods at any point, including the activity page, the calendar, and the insights page.

For all work being done in real-time, you can check out notifications for live activity across all of your projects. When someone assigns you a task/milestone, adds a message, invites you to a project or comments on a task/ message that you are a part of, the bell icon will turn green (with a sound.)


Up to 10 notifications will be shown for 7 days.  You can view all notifications and turn on or off the sound from this icon.

Notifications are triggered (for all permission levels) when:

  • A task is assigned
  • A task is completed
  • You are invited to a pod
  • You have a new message/task comment (if you have been selected to be notified on the message or comment)
  • A milestone has been assigned to you
  • A pod has been completed


To see more information about the notification, click the notification you want and it will bring you to the location of the pod, comment, milestone, or task.

If you have more than 10 notifications, click show all notifications at the bottom of the list to open up your notifications page.


To turn on or off the sound that is triggered with the notification, click the sound icon.