To record time for a task using the Brighpod time tracking timer, you can add it from the global + option, in task details, or on a pod’s Time page.

Where you can start tracking time

From the global + option,

1. Click the + icon and select Time.


2. Choose Start Timer.


From task details,

1. While working on a task, click the task to open task details.

2. On the right side, click Start Timer.


From the time page of a pod,

1. Go to the Pod you want to record time for and click Time to go to the Time page.

2. Click Start Timer.


What happens when you click Start Timer

1. First, select the Pod and Task that you want to start tracking time towards.


2. Click Start Timer.

3. At any time, you can pause or submit your time from the clock at the top of the page.


4. Review your entry, make any changes, and submit your time. Tip: You can access this time entry from the Time page of the pod at any time.


On your Time page, you will see all time entries that have been entered on tasks and the time page. Here, you can hover over your entries to edit or remove them.


Watch how you can record time with a timer