Time Tracking

How can I edit my time entry?

If you have recorded time with the timer or manually, you can edit the details and time at any time. 1. Go to the Time page and find the entry you want to make changes to. 2. Hover your mouse over the time entry. Click Edit. 3. Make your changes and click Update. Did you know you can also […]

How do I record time for a task using a timer?

To record time for a task using the Brighpod time tracking timer, you can add it from the global + option, in task details, or on a pod’s Time page. Where you can start tracking time From the global + option, 1. Click the + icon and select Time. 2. Choose Start Timer. From task details, 1. […]

Can I track time using Harvest?

If you already use Harvest for time tracking, you can track time on tasks in Brightpod and the time will appear in Harvest. You cannot use both Brightpod Time and Harvest at the same time. You must choose one or the other. Once Harvest is enabled, all Brightpod Time features are disabled for all pods. […]

Who can add, update and remove time?

Administrators can can view, edit, and remove all manual and tracked time entries. Team Members can view all time entries but edit only their own manual and tracked time entries. Freelancers can view, edit, and remove only their own manual and tracked time entries. Clients are able to track time manually, but are not able to […]

How to track time and export time reports

Time tracking is a key way to know how much time you and your team are spending on tasks and pods. Read through or jump to a section: Add manual time or start a timer View, edit, remove, and export time by pod View and export time reports Using the Brightpod timer Add manual time […]

How to turn off and hide time tracking

If you don’t need time tracking, you can turn this feature off from Settings. 1. Go to Settings & Account. 2. On the right side, click Enable or Disable Features. 3. Click Disable.   By default, this feature will be turned on for all accounts.

How to add time to a task

Brightpod has both manual and automatic timer time tracking options. You can record time manually for tasks and/or pods. When using the timer, the time must be associated to a task.  All team permission levels can track time manually, and only clients cannot use the automatic timer. To manually add time to a specific task […]

Can I budget time for my projects?

If you are tracking time for your project and want to track against a project goal, you can do this by budgeting time for your pod. When creating your pod for the first time, there is a field Budgeted Time. Enter your budgeted amount here and click Create pod when ready. If you have already created a […]

Can I budget time for each task?

No, it is not possible to budget time for a specific task. You can budget time by pod and all time tracked per task will be recorded against the overall pod budget.

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