Note: Events is no longer a feature for accounts signed up after September 15th, 2018

Events are things like seminars, trade shows, meetings etc. Events are not linked to a pod.

Think of events that you add in your smartphone calendar. Events can be multi-day or all day and be timezone specific.

To add an event,

1. Click on the Add Task/ Event button on the right side.


2. Select the Event tab.

3. Enter the event details such as the name, description, start and end date and time, your timezone (this will be converted for others in a different timezone when they open up the event details,) and if it’s assigned to anyone or associated to a client.


To view more details of the event on the calendar, hover your mouse over the event, or click the event to open up the details again.


To update the event date quickly, drag and drop events on the calendar and Brightpod will automatically update its date.

To filter your calendar by events, click the Event filter.