Calendars can fill up pretty quickly with tasks, milestones, pods, and events that have due dates. To focus on what’s important to you, use one or more filters to get the tasks you are looking for and remove any other noise.

1. Filter by client – This filter will show all tasks with due dates that are associated to a client across all of their pods.

2. Filter  by team member – Choose a teammate to see which tasks are assigned to them and when they are due.

3. Filter by task type – As you label your tasks with task types, you can filter by this type. For example, if you have a task type ‘blog post’, you can label your blog post tasks then filter by them on the calendar. Learn more about task types.

4. Filter by pod – Select a pod name to see the tasks for that pod only.

5. Filter by event – Events aren’t linked to a pod, but created as a separate item. Use this filter to see only events.

6. Filter by milestone – Larger projects can often have many milestones. Filter by milestones to see when they are due.


You can use multiple filters at once, so you can choose to view tasks for one client, in one pod, assigned to one teammate, that have a task type.

At the bottom right are your Calendar settings. Choose to remove completed tasks from the calendar, show only information relevant to you by default, and your work week start date.