How do I manage many projects for a client?

When you have a client with many projects, how you set these up in Brightpod varies depending on the size of each project. Check out our guide on How to set up Brightpod for Retainer Clients for information based on a variety of common cases of a Brightpod account with multiple projects per client. If […]

How do I set up Brightpod for retainer clients?

Setting up Brightpod pods for a retainer client often depends on how detailed and large the tasks and projects are for your clients. In this guide, we will walk through: Using the client label. Three common retainer client cases, including one that shows the setup of time-saving workflows. Using the calendar and insights to keep […]

How do I change a pod’s client?

There are two ways you can link a client to a pod: Label the pod with a client name. Label the pod with a client name and invite the client to the pod to participate in your Brightpod account. Change the client label If you have only linked a pod to a client with a label […]

I am a client that has been invited to Brightpod. How do I get started?

Welcome! As a client, the team you hired wants to collaborate with you and have you participate in your project’s progress. Brightpod is used for keeping track of your project’s goals, tasks, time, team members, calendars, communication, and much more. Signing In When you are invited to a Brightpod account, first you will receive an invitation […]

How can a client see a file I uploaded?

On the Tasks page, clients can see files that are uploaded to tasks in a task list that is marked as Visible to Client. On the Files page, clients are not able to see any files that are uploaded directly to the File page. Only administrators and team members can view files uploaded on the […]

How do I manage multiple clients on a project?

It is not possible to officially associate or invite multiple clients to one pod. If you have multiple clients for a pod, for example if your team is hosting a large promotional event, there are three ways you can manage this depending on how involved your clients are with the day-to-day activity of the project. […]

How do I change the name of a client’s company?

If you are an administrator, you can edit the name of a client’s company at any time. 1. Go to Settings & Account at the top right of the page and click Settings. 2. On the right hand side, click Manage Clients. 3. Hover your mouse over the client company you want to change. Click Update.   Once you […]

How do clients add new tasks and access the tasks assigned to them?

When an administrator or team member makes a task list Visible to Client, the client can log in, see the task list and access the tasks within those list.  To know which task lists are visible to a client, they will be marked with an eye icon. Clients can also create new task lists and […]

What permissions do clients have and what do they see?

Clients can: Access pods they have been added to, but only see items that have been marked as Visible to Clients. Add tasks within task lists that have been marked as Visible to Clients. Create their own task lists. Share files with an administrator/ team member, but they cannot see the files uploaded by others on the […]

How do I share task lists and tasks with clients?

Team members may share task lists with clients using the option Visible to Clients. Clients are allowed to create new task lists and tasks that will be visible to everyone in the team. To share task lists and tasks with clients 2. Choose the Pod where you want to add task lists and go to […]

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