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How do I move a task to another pod from the calendar?

From within task details, you can move your task to another pod. 1. Look for the task on the calendar and click the task to open up the task details. 2. On the right side, click Move. 3. Select the pod and task list where you want to move this task to. 4. Click Move. The task will now […]

Do you color code my projects on the calendar?

Projects on the Calendar are color coded with a color you set when creating the pod, or it was set by default. Other than being able to distinguish pods from each other at a glance, there are some practical ways you can use pod colors, such as: Grouping similar project such as all social media […]

Can I sync my Brightpod calendar with Google or Outlook?

Note: Events is no longer a feature for accounts signed up after September 15th, 2018 Subscribe to iCal can be used to sync Brightpod’s Calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook (most versions), and other calendar service that supports “iCal”. Choose which information to sync You can choose to see: All information available to you Only information […]

Can I share our calendar with members outside our team?

You can share your calendar with anyone you choose, inside or outside your Brightpod team. Note: They will be able to see everything  on the calendar that you are able to see, since the calendar sync link is for your view. There is no way to revoke access to the shared iCal link. To share the calendar, […]

Brightpod calendar

Brightpod Calendar is an essential tool for planning and organizing your projects. It gives you an overview of all tasks across all your projects (as known as pods) and the ability to filter out anything that isn’t important to you, allowing you to focus on what matters. With the calendar, you can: Create tasks and events. […]

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