If you are the Administrator of your account, you can access the files inside active, archived, and completed pods.

First, you need to get a backup from your account:

1. Go to Settings & Account and click Settings.


2. On the right hand side, click Export/Backup.


3. Click Request Export/Backup.


4. Depending on how large your account is, it can take some time to receive an email notifying you your backup is ready. You can also check the Export/Backup settings page for your download.


5. When you receive your download, open the .zip file.

6.  Click Home.html. You will then see a website that has your account information.


7. Click the pod name that has the files you are looking for.


8. Click Files to see all of the files in that pod. Click the file name to see the image.


9. If you want to download the image, right click the image and select Save Image As.