Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do ūüôā Android –¬† iOS –¬†  

How do I get my files from my account backup?

If you are the¬†Administrator of your account, you can access the files inside active, archived, and completed pods. First, you need to get a backup from your account: 1. Go to¬†Settings & Account¬†and click¬†Settings. 2. On the right hand side, click¬†Export/Backup. 3. Click¬†Request Export/Backup. 4. Depending on how large your account is, it can take […]

How do I backup or export my account information?

If you are the Administrator of your account, you are able to back up your account¬†once a day. You will receive a zip file that has a file called¬†Home.html that you can click to open, and all of your information is available in what will look like a mini-website. To back up your account, 1. […]

What is included when I back up my account?

If you have Administrator permissions,¬†you can back up your account once a day. The backup will look like a mini-website containing your account’s information (in HTML as well as JSON format). The backup will have: Team member information All pods Milestones Task lists Tasks (including all task details) Messages Comments Files (links) Tracked Time The […]

How does Brightpod protect my information?

Here at Brightpod, we are committed to the safety, security, and privacy of your information. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available for you at any time. Brightpod utilizes some of the most advanced technologies when storing and securing your information. Brightpod is hosted in a world-class secure server environment (hosted and professionally […]

How do I close my account?

We’re sad to see you go!¬†The whole team would greatly appreciate you letting us know how we can improve. Note that closing an account is irreversible. You cannot recover a¬†closed account or the information that was in it. 1. Log in to your Brightpod account. 2. Go to Settings & Account in the top right. […]

Can I format my descriptions and comments?

For Tasks and Milestones, you can create more exact descriptions¬†and comment¬†by using rich text and emojis. Select an icon at the top of the comment or description box to enhance your text. There is: Bold Italic Underline Bullet points Header Code snippet If you do not use any of the options, the text will appear […]

What if some of the buttons/actions disappear from the app?

Brightpod can be used on multiple screen sizes, but some of the quick actions are not available on smaller screen sizes. ¬†If you are having difficulty finding a button or an action that you have used before, try re-adjusting your screen size to be a bit larger. For example, ¬†the quick action + icon beside […]

How do I change my account password?

You can update your password any time in your¬†Profile. 1. Go to¬†My Profile under¬†Settings & Account in the top right of the page. 2. On the right side, click¬†Change Password. 3. Enter in your current password, your new password, and then¬†retype your new password to confirm it.¬†Your password must be at least six characters long. […]

Can I view my tasks as a Kanban board?

Brightpod‚Äôs default layout for tasks is the¬†flow view, which is like a Kanban board. There is also the option of viewing your tasks as a list in the¬†list view. When you decide on which view you like better, Brightpod will remember your choice and show that view each time you log in. To switch between […]

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