Administrators and team members can add clients to pods when first creating the pod or after the pod has been created.

Add a client after the pod has been created

1. Go to the Team page.

2. Click Add People.



3.  Enter the Email address of the client whom you want to invite.

4. Click the circle beside Client to specify you are adding a client.

5. Select a company name that the client represents from the dropdown, or, click Add New Company to create a new client.

6. Assign any projects that you want your client to be able to see. Tip: You can preview the email invitation that will be sent to your client by clicking ‘Read the email content.’


8. Click Send Invite.

Clients will be marked with a Client tag.


A notification email will be sent to the clients with instructions on how to sign up and log in.


Watch how to invite a client

Add a client to a new pod

When creating a new pod, you can add an existing client or create a new one.

1. Create a new pod and under the Client dropdown, select an existing client or add a new client.


2. When you have created or selected your client, click Create Pod & Invite People.


3. Click the checkbox beside your client to invite them to the pod.


4. When you’re done adding your client and team members, click Add People to this Pod.