Brightpod Files is a place for all of your files that have been uploaded in Brightpod. Any files, uploaded to Tasks or directly to Files, will appear in your Files section.

The uploaded or attached files can be downloaded at any time.

  • Each pod has a dedicated Files section and all the team members (except Clients) may access it.
  • Brightpod supports all major formats, such as DOC, XLS, PPT, ZIP, PNG, JPG  and PDF. See a full list of supported file formats.
  • Files uploaded via Tasks will automatically be added to the Files section.
  • You can add files from your computer or file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Upload a file to a task

1. Click a task to open task details.

2. Enter a comment, then click whichever file sharing option you like.


3. Select the file you want to attach to this task and click Add Comment.

Upload a file to a pod

1. Log in to your Brightpod account and go to the Pod where you want to upload files.

2. Click Files.


3. Click New File.

4. Select the files using Browse or drag files into the box.


5.  Add a comment and Click Upload.

Once you have uploaded files, they will be displayed in a list with a time stamp, who uploaded it, any comments, and if they are attached to a comment in a task.

Check out the video below to see how to attach and share your files.