With Insights, you can get information and reports for all of the work within any of your projects.  It’s like getting a big picture view of everything that is happening in your Brightpod account, with the option to filter and export specific information that you need.

Insights has a lot of information available to you, including:

  • Number of Pods
  • All completed/uncompleted milestones, completed/uncompleted tasks, and non-billable/billable time
  • All actions by team members
  • All activity in all pods
  • All activity by client
  • When a milestone, task, or time was added
  • When a milestone, task, or time was completed
  • All activity over multiple time intervals
  • .. and more!

Check out how to get started with reporting using Brightpod’s Insights!


Insights is available for Studio, Agency, and Agency Plus plans. If you want to get Insights, learn more about upgrading your account.