Insights/ Reporting

How do I get a report on someone’s workload?

Administrators and Team Members can view the workload of other team members by generating a People report with Insights. 1. Go to Insights. 2. On the right side under get insights on, click People. 3. Under Team Members, select the person you are looking into. Tip: You can also filter by pod to see the tasks assigned to this person in […]

On Insights, which date does the date filter represent?

The Insights date filter allows you to filter by weeks, months, or a custom date range. When you generate your report, it will show any task/milestone/time date that was added, completed, or due on that date. When looking at Insights with or without a date filter, the Added on column is the date the task/milestone/time was added […]

How can I see a list of tasks that have been completed?

You can see all of your completed tasks and export a report of them using Insights. 1. Go to your Insights tab. 2. On the right side, under Get insights on, select Pods. 3. Set the filters you wan such as a specific pod, team member, and date range. 4. Uncheck Milestone and Time, leaving […]

Can I filter my reports by group?

You cannot filter or export Insights reports by your team member’s group. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve the group feature, contact the Brightpod team any time. We would love to hear from you!

How do I get a report of all overdue and completed tasks in a pod?

To see all overdue and completed tasks in a specific pod: 1. Go to the Insights tab. 2. On the right side under Get Insights On, click Pods. 3. Select the pod you want to see the tasks for under Pods or Clients. 3. Uncheck milestone and time, leaving only Tasks to show.   4. Click Get Insights […]

How can I see all overdue tasks?

You can keep track of all overdue tasks in Brightpod using insights, the team page, and the daily digest email. Insights provides reports to help you keep track of all of your overdue tasks across pods and team members. Using filters for the pods and tasks, you can narrow your search to focus in on […]

How do I see all completed tasks in a Pod?

You can view all completed tasks by pod, or client, using Insights. 1. In your account, go to Insights. 2. On the right hand side, select Pods (progress report). 3. Choose your name under Team Members and a date range. Under Show, make sure only Tasks has a checkmark beside it. 4. Click Get Insights. 5. Click Filter By, and select Completed. If […]

Why am I am unable to view the Insights tab?

Insights is a premium feature and only available to the Studio and higher plans. Also, only team members and administrators are able to see the insights page. With Insights, you can get information and reports for all of the work within any of your projects. Insights will show you when a milestone, task, time was added, completed, […]

What is Insights and what will the Insights page show me?

With Insights, you can get information and reports for all of the work within any of your projects.  It’s like getting a big picture view of everything that is happening in your Brightpod account, with the option to filter and export specific information that you need. Insights has a lot of information available to you, […]

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