You can upload a file in two places: When commenting on a task and to the File page of your pod.

When uploading a file, you can choose to upload from Dropbox. The file still remains in your Dropbox account – Dropbox just creates a unique link that is passed to Brightpod and stored. So, when you update the file on Dropbox the link that is stored on Brightpod will always link to the latest version of the file.

Attach a file to a task

1. Click a task to open task details.

2. Enter a comment, then click Dropbox.

3. Select the file you want to attach to this task and click Add Comment.



Attach a file to a pod

1. Go to the pod you want and click Files.


2. Click New File.

3. Click Dropbox and select the file you want to upload.


4.  Add a comment and Click Upload Files.

Check out the video below to see how to attach and share your files.